Webinar Replay: The New Era of Cyber Resilience - Surviving Ransomware with Astran

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We are pleased to offer the replay of our groundbreaking webinar titled "The New Era of Cyber Resilience: Surviving Ransomware with Astran," held on June 5, 2024. This significant event brought together cybersecurity experts and industry leaders to discuss the growing ransomware threats and innovative solutions to combat them.

Webinar Highlights

1. Testimony from Cédric Jublot of Eiffage

Cédric Jublot shared his experience with Astran's "Survival Kits," highlighting how these kits played a crucial role in protecting his company's critical operations against ransomware attacks, ensuring seamless business continuity.

2. Presentation by Yahya Jarraya on the Survival Cloud

Yahya Jarraya, Astran's Chief Customer Officer, introduced the "Survival Cloud." This innovative, keyless technology redefines standards in data protection and business continuity, combining executive insights with patented security features to provide a comprehensive and effective solution against ransomware.

3. Business Resilience Strategies

The webinar delved into the concept of business resilience, offering participants proactive strategies to not only withstand cyber threats but also thrive despite them. Discussions covered Astran's patented threshold cryptography technology, designed to bolster companies' defenses against data breaches and other cyber threats.

4. Benefits of the Survival Cloud

Adopting Astran’s "Survival Cloud," based on the FAIR framework, can reduce ransomware direct impact costs by 60%. This cloud solution combines top business executive insights with advanced security features to offer a truly business-oriented continuity solution.

Join the Future of IT Resilience

This webinar is essential for C-suite executives keen on understanding current cyber threats and enhancing their organizational resilience through innovative cybersecurity solutions. To learn how Astran can protect and enhance your business operations, click here.

We appreciate your participation and hope the insights shared during this webinar will be valuable in navigating the complex cybersecurity landscape.

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