In today's cybersecurity landscape, the ransomware industry is booming, posing significant threats to businesses, including yours. However, with Astran's Survival Cloud, you can fortify your defenses and withstand ransomware attacks. Moreover, our comprehensive protection measures may even enable you to avoid the need to pay any ransom at all. Will you take proactive steps to confront these threats or risk the consequences of inaction?

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"Astran protects our most vital financial and HR data while keeping it available at all times. And the most impressive thing is how quickly we implemented the Astran solution, in less than two weeks"

Jean-Philippe Faure, Chief of Organization and Information Systems at Eiffage

"The Astran solution goes one step further towards the future of data resilience, by providing a secure storage capability without having to manage complexity of key management. Thus giving the ability to deploy secure storage in a matter of weeks instead of months."

Jérôme Desbonnet, Astran Advisor and Cyber CTIO at Capgemini

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