The New Era of Cyber Resilience: Surviving Ransomware with Astran

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Astran is excited to announce its pioneering webinar, "The New Era of Cyber Resilience: Surviving Ransomware with Astran," scheduled for June 4, 2024. This event marks a significant milestone in advancing how businesses address and recover from cybersecurity threats, particularly ransomware.

Featured Speakers and Topics

Cédric Jublot from Eiffage will share his firsthand experience with Astran's Survival Kits, emphasizing their role in safeguarding essential business operations. Additionally, Astran’s Chief Customer Officer, Yahya Jarraya, will introduce the Survival Cloud, showcasing how this cutting-edge, keyless technology is setting new standards in data protection and business continuity.

Deep Dive into Business Resilience

The webinar will delve into the core concept of Business Resilience, focusing on proactive strategies that businesses can employ to not only withstand but thrive amidst cyber adversities. The discussion will extend to Astran's patented threshold cryptography technology, and its role in fortifying company defenses against data breaches and other cyber threats.

Make your operations ransomware-proof

Adopting Astran’s Survival Cloud is more than a preventive measure. Based on the FAIR framework, having stored your digital lifelines into our solution will decrease the impact cost of a ransomware by at least 60%. We are offering you the possibility of benefiting from a truly business-oriented continuity solution because our Survival Cloud is the combination of top business executives’ insights and patented security features. 

Astran's Advanced Security Features 

Participants will gain insights into Astran's advanced cryptographic algorithms, as the webinar will cover Astran's unique data fragmentation and secret sharing methods, which distribute data securely across multiple locations to prevent unauthorized access and enhance data availability.

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