Survival Cloud by Astran - Illustrated via NextCloud

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Introducing Astran Survival Cloud within NextCloud: Elevating Cloud Security with Simplicity

Welcome to a revolutionary approach to cloud storage security, brought to you by Astran and demonstrated through our latest integration with Nextcloud. In this insightful video, we walk you through the seamless configuration of Astran S5 as both primary and secondary storage within Nextcloud, ensuring your data remains secure and resilient.

Simplify Your Cloud Security with Astran S5

Astran S5 leverages an S3-compatible API to bring you a storage solution that integrates effortlessly with existing systems like Nextcloud. This compatibility ensures that you can enhance your data security without disrupting the familiar workflow of your team. Whether it’s uploading sensitive documents or managing large datasets, Astran S5 makes the process straightforward and secure.

Effortless Integration and Enhanced Protection

Our demonstration highlights how simple it is to set up Astran S5 with Nextcloud, transforming your cloud storage into a fortified environment that protects against threats without the complexity of traditional encryption keys. Watch as we upload files, configure storage settings, and utilize AWS CLI to manage data, all while maintaining stringent security standards. Astran S5 not only meets the rigorous demands of modern data protection but does so with an intuitive interface and user experience. By integrating with Nextcloud, Astran S5 extends the robust capabilities of S3 protocols with enhanced resilience and security through secret sharing technologies, ensuring that your data is not just stored but truly safeguarded.

Join Us in Rethinking Data Security

Dive into our video demonstration and see for yourself how Astran’s Survival Cloud solution can transform your organization's approach to data security. With Astran S5, prepare to enhance your cyber resilience effortlessly and confidently.

For more insights and a detailed walkthrough, read our documentation or watch the full video demonstration. Equip your business with the tools it needs to thrive securely in a digital-first world.

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