Utilizing CyberDuck with Astran through the S3 Compatible API

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In the era of cloud computing, the ability to securely and efficiently manage files across various cloud storage services is paramount for individuals and businesses alike. Astran's S5 solution, with its S3 compatible API, represents a significant leap forward in this domain, offering unparalleled security and resilience. To demonstrate the flexibility and ease of integration offered by Astran S5, we've chosen to highlight its compatibility with CyberDuck, a renowned open-source cloud storage browser known for its versatility and support for AWS S3 connections.

Why CyberDuck? 

CyberDuck stands out as a preferred tool for many organizations thanks to its

  1. intuitive interface
  2. broad support for different cloud storage services
  3. and open-source nature, allowing for transparency and customization. 

Its robust AWS S3 connector makes it an ideal candidate to showcase the seamless integration with Astran S5. The choice of CyberDuck for this demonstration underlines our commitment to providing solutions that are not only secure and resilient but also user-friendly and accessible to a wide audience.

The essence of Astran S5 lies in its ability to blend seamlessly into existing workflows, enhancing data security without introducing unnecessary complexity. This principle is perfectly illustrated when connecting CyberDuck to Astran S5, a process that mirrors the simplicity of connecting to any traditional S3 service, yet with the added benefits of Astran's cutting-edge security features.

To demonstrate the ease with which users can leverage Astran S5's capabilities via CyberDuck, we have prepared this video detailing a step-by-step guide to establishing this connection in less than three minutes. This guide emphasizes the user-friendly aspect of Astran S5, ensuring that anyone, regardless of their technical expertise, can secure their cloud storage with the highest standards of data protection and resilience. Of course you can expect similar simplicity if you use any other S3 compatible explorer.


  • Create a new profile on Cyberduck:
  • Either do it manually
  • Or open Astran Tools and follow the following procedure

> Create New Profile

> Rename it

> Set the “Assume Role ARN” parameter by authenticating through Astran IAM

> Copy / Paste the Success Code

> Save the Profile

> Select it; Click on “Generate Cyberduck Profile”

> Save it as “xxxx.cyberduckprofile”

  • Open the Cyberduck profile through your file browser
  • Double-click the profile in Cyberduck and authenticate yourself
  • You’re in! Now let’s create your buckets
  • Any uploaded documents and folders will be stored in a resilient and secure way

When Resilience meets Data Security. Choosing Astran as your cloud storage solution means prioritizing not just security, but also resilience. Astran S5's secret sharing and S3 compatibility are designed to provide an unparalleled level of protection for your data, ensuring that it remains accessible and secure at all times ! Even in the face of emerging threats. This commitment to security, combined with the ease of integration with tools like CyberDuck, makes Astran S5 the ideal choice for businesses and individuals seeking a robust cloud storage solution.

The connection between CyberDuck and Astran S5 is just the beginning. Future blog posts will delve deeper into the practical applications of this partnership, showcasing how users can maximize their cloud storage efficiency and security through Astran's innovative platform. Stay tuned for more tutorials, insights, and demonstrations that will further explore the capabilities of Astran S5 and its ecosystem.

As a conclusion, the compatibility of Astran S5 with CyberDuck exemplifies our commitment to providing a secure, resilient, and user-friendly cloud storage solution. By integrating with widely used tools like CyberDuck, Astran ensures that users can enjoy the benefits of advanced cloud storage security without having to navigate complex configurations or abandon their preferred storage management applications. We invite you to watch our YouTube video for a quick and easy guide on connecting CyberDuck to Astran S5, marking the first step towards a more secure and resilient cloud storage experience.

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